GLASStube wooden greenhouse kit

GLASSTUBE wooden greenhouse kit

Our glass tube wooden greenhouse kit is multifunctional and available in various sizes. It is possible to ship the greenhouse per container to your desired location, anywhere in the world.

The construction of the Glasstube wooden greenhouse kit is dismountable and easy to extend. Please inquire for more information and contact us.

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Photographs by Giesen Architecture

About GLASStube

GLASStube Greenhouse GLASSholder structural glazing

GLASStube. A unique counterbalance in urban contexts or a natural translation in an all natural environment.


With its flexibility in construction and natural light, this glass covered multi applicable wood structure can be a pleasant working-/ studio space, greenery, porch, veranda, a winter garden or even an outdoor pool cover.


A beautiful frameless greenhouse. It’s characteristic glass panels almost make you think of fish scales. They provide in an ideal climate with natural ventilation and heat control.